Temples of Angkor

Wat Athvea Temple

Wat Athvea Temple

Build Date: Late 11th century C.E.
Religious: Hinduism
Reign of: Suryavarman II

Artistic/Style: Angkor Wat
Location: 8 kms south of Siem Reap Town
Duration of Visit: about 30 minutes

Wat Althea,, is a 12th-century Hindu temple, with an Buddhist monastery temple and cemetery adjacent to the walled ancient structure.

The temple is located about 8 km south of Siem Reap, it just west of the road leading to the Tonle Sap, on the right bank of the Siem Reap River.

Wat Athvea temple to the south and Wat Preah Enkosey to the north correspond to the limits of the ancient and principal north–south axis of Siem Reap,

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