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Kratié or Kraches (Khmer: ក្រចេះ [krɑˈceh]) is a province of Cambodia located in the northeast. The province borders with Stung Treng 151 kilometers 2 h 30 min drive via NR 7 to the north, Mondulkiri 215 kilometers 4 h 45 min drive via NR 7 and 76 to the east, Kampong Thom  272 kilometers 6 h driver via NR 71 or 389 kilometers 7 h 20 min drive via NR7 and the fastest route connect with ferry 217 kilometers via NR 308 5 h 30 min drive and Kampong Cham 159 kilometers 4 h drive via NR 73 and 7 to the west and Tbuong Khmum 112 kilometers 3 h drive via NR 308 and 73  and Vietnam 310 kilometers 6 h drive via NR 78 to the south.

Kratie Province comprised 11,094 km2 (4,283 sq mi), with 5 districts and 1 town.

  1. ស្រុកឆ្លូង Chhloung
  2. ក្រុងក្រចេះ Krong Kracheh* ()
  3. ស្រុកព្រែកប្រសព្វ Preaek Prasab
  4. ស្រុកសម្បូណ៏ Sambour
  5. ស្រុកស្នួល Snuol
  6. ស្រុកចិត្របុរី Chitr Borie

What to See & Do in Kratie

Wat Vihear Lao

Phnom Sam Bok Resort

Chruoy Rey

Wat Vihear Kuk

Dolphin Habitat

Kampi Resort

Sambor Town

Koh Pdao

The 100-Column Pagoda

Wat Sray Sahn-tah-rah-boh

Wat Preah Vihear (Kratie)

Waterfall of Cham Pey

Phnom Sopor Kaley

Irrawaddy Dolphins

Phnom Preah

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