3 Days – Discover the Mystery of Angkor Wat and the Lost City of Koh Ker Temples (Private Tours)

Victory gate of Angkor Thom - Taxi in Cambodia - Private Tours


: Private Tours


: Dates are flexible


: 3 Days


: Siem Reap

FROM ONLY:      US$245



Enjoy visit to Sunrise view– Banteay Srei – Angkor Wat – Ta Prohm – Bayon – South Gate of Angkor Thom

Morning: 4.45AM Pick up from hotel or your preferable timing:

After breakfast, your private tour guide and driver will pick you up every early morning from the hotel for beautiful Angkor Wat’s Sunrise view then escort you for the full day explore to Pre- Angkorian temples of the fine art and pink sandstone of Banteay Srei and others main temples in small circuit tour.

Sunrise of Angkor Wat:
Watch the sun rise behind the monumental temple to provide the most stunning of silhouettes. even in the wet season, this is a magical time to see sunrise of Angkor wat.

Angkor Wat Temple:
Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world, was originally constructed as a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu for the Khmer Empire, gradually transforming into a Buddhist temple towards the end of the 12th century. The temple is at the top of the high classical style of Khmer architecture, it has become a symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag, and it is the country’s prime attraction for visitors.

South Gate of Angkor Thom City:
The gate now become the most often visited, as it is the main entrance to the city of Angkor Thom,  Along with a bridge flanked by statues of 54 gods and 54 demons, each carry the body of seven-headed.

Bayon Temple:
Built in the late 12th or early 13th century, The Bayon‘s most distinctive feature is the multitude of serene and smiling stone faces on the many towers which jut out from the upper terrace and cluster around its central peak. The temple is known also for two impressive sets of bas-reliefs, which present an unusual combination of mythological, historical, and mundane scenes.

Afternoon: Relax for your lunch

Your tour guide and driver will recommended you a good local restaurant. After Lunch we continue to see:

Ta Prohm Temple:
Built in the Bayon style largely in the late 12th and early 13th century, it was founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and university. Unlike most Angkorian temples, Ta Prohm is in much the same condition in which it was found: the photogenic and atmospheric combination of trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings have made it one of Angkor’s most popular temples with visitors.

Banteay Srie Temple:
The temple was built largely of pink sandstone, a medium that lends itself to the elaborate decorative wall carvings which are still observable today. These factors have made the temple extremely popular with tourists, and have led to its being widely praised as a “precious gem“, or the “jewel of Khmer art.

Evening Activities:

Highly recommend you to have dinner with Cambodia traditional shows at Kulen II restaurant (12$ per person for dinner + shows which start from 6:30pm to 8:45pm). Please tell us if you want and then we can help you to book front seat for you.


Visit: Kulen Mountain National Park – The River of 1000 Shiva Lingas – Reclining Buddha – Waterfall – Kampong Phluk Stilt-Houses – Boat Cruise on Tonle Sap Lake

Morning: 7.00AM Pick up from hotel or your preferable timing:

After breakfast, your private tour guide and driver will pick you up from hotel then hiking Kulen Mountain National Park where you can see the activities of Buddhist monastery, Big Sleeping Buddha, The river of thousand Shiva’s Lingas and Waterfall. Boat cruise to see Kampong Phluk Stilt houses and Tonle Sap great lake.

Kulen Mountain National Park:
Considering a holy mountain in Cambodia, of special religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists who come to the mountain in pilgrimage and on the hill we can visit:

  • The River of 1000 Shiva Lingas: carved on sandstone river bed with 6 meters wide along the river to the waterfall.
  • Reclining Buddha: At the busy monastery you can see local tourists coming from around the country burning the big batch of incenses begging the prosperity and happiness from Buddha god, which carved on the top of a huge rock in 16th century.
  • Waterfall: hiking down along the river of 1000 Shiva Lingas, there are two waterfalls the fist level 5 meters height and the second level 37 meters height, you can swim in the clear water’s pool of waterfall, it’s beautiful and impressive (Recommended to bring swimming suite).

Afternoon: Relax for your lunch

Your tour guide and driver will recommended you a good local restaurant. After Lunch we drive back stop along the way to see:

Kampong Phluk Fishing Village:
where you explore the local lifestyle of Cambodian who live on the Stilt-houses village (10 – 12 meters) laying a long bank of the largest lake in South Asia named Tonle Sap lake.

Boat Cruise:
We jump to the boat cruise along the river to Tonle Sap Lake, cross the Kampong Phluk village see houses on stilt and the daily activities of villagers on their farm and their fishing.

Tonle Sap Lake:
The largest fresh water lake in southeast Asia, the Cambodian floodplain or the Mekong Plain is a vast low-lying area traversed by the Mekong River also Wetlands, flooded forests, and an enduring source of freshwater fish.

Evening activities:

Highly recommend you to go to Phare, Cambodian Circus ($18 per person for open seat which start from 8:00pm to 9:00pm). Please let us know if you are interested and then we can help you to book good seats. Back to your hotel finished my services.


Visit: Koh Ker group temple – Prasat Damrei – Prasat Chrap – Prasat banteay pichean – Prasat Krachap – Prasat Balang – Prasat Thom – Prasat Chhin – Prasat Neang Khmau – Prasat Pram – Jungle temple of Beng Mealea

Morning: 8.00AM Pick up from hotel or your preferable timing:

After breakfast, your private tour guide and driver will pick you up from hotel then escort you for the full day excursion to the northern part of Siem Reap, it will take you around 3 hours driving to reach Koh Ker the remote archaeological site about 120 kilometres (75 mi) away from Siem Reap and the ancient site of Angkor. It is a very jungle filled region that is sparsely populated. Under the reign of the kings Jayavarman IV, Koh Ker was briefly the capital of the whole empire (928–944 AD). King Jayavarman IV forced an ambitious building program, more than 180 sanctuaries were found in a protected area of 81 square kilometres (31 sq mi). But only about two dozen monuments can be visited by tourists.

Prasat Damrei:
The sanctuary is built of brick and is in good condition. This sanctuary has an enclosure and stands on a high platform. Eight stone lions once flanked the stairs but only one remains in its original place. A beautiful elephant sculpture once stood at each of the four corners of the platform but only two remain.

Prasat Chrap:
It is a small temple with three sanctuary towers made of laterite, each of which is heavily damaged. The sanctuary interiors are completely blackened by fire, and the west facades of each are destroyed.

Prasat banteay pichean:
This is one of the most romantic Khmer ruins, It will comes close to your fantasies about “lost temples in the jungle”. The central laterite tower, which is the largest structure.

Prasat Krachap:
It is a compact temple comprising two fairly well-preserved gopuras and the ruins of five towers arranged in a quincunx.

Prasat Balang:
It is the first of three Linga-Shrines standing along the ring-road. It is a square laterite building standing on a platform and has one doorway and an open roof. In the sanctuary is an impressive lingam standing on yoni. The phallus-symbol is about 2 m (7 ft) high, has a diameter of nearly 1 m (39 in) and a weight of several tons. Together with the yoni it was carved out of the bedrock at this place. The lingam is in a good condition.

Prasat Thom:
It is the main temple at Koh Ker group with a stepped 7-tiered pyramid, the highest ever constructed by the Khmer, rising 36 meters above the forest floor.

Afternoon: Relax for your lunch

Your tour guide and driver will recommended you a good local restaurant. After Lunch we continue to unlock some small attractive temples along the way back to Siem Reap:

Prasat Chhin:
At this site was found the statue of the two fighting monkey kings Sugriva and Valin (figures of the Hindu epic Ramayana) and is now in the National Museum in Phnom Penh. A fragment of a multi-armed statue of Vishnu was found in front of the tower in the middle.

Prasat Neang Khmau:
Neang Khmau means the “Black Lady” in Khmer, probably referring to the tower’s fire-scarred surface. Like many of the shrines at Koh Ker the temple was dedicated to Shiva.

Prasat Pram:
This small temple is in a fair state of preservation, with three surviving sanctuary towers and two libraries. While its enclosure walls survive, the temple’s east gopura no longer exists apart from its foundation stones.

Beng Mealea temple:
This temple is very special because it was not rebuilt and vegetation grows inside the temple and around the stones. You will feel like Indiana Jones while exploring!

Evening activities:

Back to your hotel or drop at night market or Siem Reap international airport finished my services.


  • Temple ticket (2 DAYS OR 3 DAYS) cost: $62 per person and free for children under 12 years old
  • Beng Mealea ticket cost: $5 per person and free for children under 10 years old
  • Boat Cruise Ticket cost $20 per person and $10 for children from 5 – 10 years old
The Quotation Of Private Vehicle Service:
1 – 3 pax  3 – 6 pax 7 – 9 pax
245 USD 285 USD 295 USD
SUV 4 Seats VAN 8 Seats VAN 12 Seats
The Quotation Of Private Vehicle and English speaking guide Services:
1 – 2 pax  3 – 5 pax 6 – 9 pax
395 USD 435 USD 445 USD
SUV 4 Seats VAN 8 Seats VAN 12 Seats


  • English speaking driver
  • SUV/Minivan with Air-condition
  • Petrol, Car parking and road tool
  • Foods for driver and Guide
  • Bottle of cold mineral water
  • Fresh cool lemongrass towels


  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Foods & Drinks
  • All tickets & Entrance fee
  • Personal expend and Tip
  • Personal accident and Travel insurance
  • Others not mention in included


  • Tour Guide is necessary for guiding around Angkor complex, I recommended to hire a guide for your tour in Siem Reap.
  • All our drivers can speak English and easy to understand with informative, but they can not accompany you in to the temples


  • Please dress properly for visiting temples. If you wear shorts and T-shirts,make sure they are long enough to be knee length and shoulder covered. No scarf or shawl and tank top are allowed.
  • We would like to suggest you to wear the light cotton clothes because of hot and humid.Excepted 3 months such as November, December and January is nice weather.
  • In case, please take camera re-charger with you when we have lunch you can recharge it.
  • In Cambodia you needn’t to change your money. US Dollar is acceptable everywhere. And even you withdraw your money from ATM it is in US dollar.


  • We trusted to our clients so no deposit required
  • No torn or old note of US dollar cash or coin can use in Cambodia.
  • For the tour fee you will pay when the tour starts or finish it doesn’t matter.
  • The tour fee is for a group of persons. It is not per person or per individual.


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3 Days - Discover the Mystery of Angkor Wat and the Lost City of Koh Ker Temples (Private Tours)
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by Danriusz on 3 Days - Discover the Mystery of Angkor Wat and the Lost City of Koh Ker Temples (Private Tours)
3 Days Amazing Private Tour
Country: Poland

Mr. Neang Our tour guide was great, showing with the driver a lot of flexibility in planning the itinerary, all the temples are amazing, with help of our tour guide we could get to know the history too. The guide was living the story, putting efforts in the details. The lunch onsite was tasty and local. Floating village and dance performance with dinner were very educating and good extension to the temple tours. At the last day we had the chance to see the waterfall. We can recommend the tour company to any tourists that is interested in getting to know not only the temples but city and Khmer culture as well.


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