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This is the multiple adventurous activities this trip offers some great opportunities. We start our trip from Siem Reap home’s temples of Angkor and excursive a long the Mekong River and enjoy a close encounter with the rare and unique Irrawaddy dolphins near the famous sunset town of Kratie. On the northeast offers real potential with protected community forests, remote rivers, traditional villages, elephant riding, ethnic minority tribes and jungle trekking and both in Mondulkiri we get to experience all of these and more.. We survey the mighty waterfalls that thwarted the grand designs of French imperialists in Stung Treng (and which now mark the Lao border). Onto explore Mekong flooded forests at Ramsar Wetlands by kayak. Preah Vihear Temple is an ancient Hindu temple built during the period of the Khmer Empire, that is situated atop a 525-metre (1,722 ft) cliff in the Dângrêk Mountains, in the Preah Vihear province, Cambodia. In 1962, following a lengthy dispute between Cambodia and Thailand over ownership, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague ruled that the temple is in Cambodia.


DAY 1: (Arrived Siem Reapvisit to Silk Fame – Wat Thmey Killing Field – Artisan D’Angkor

You will welcome by one of our tour guide and driver with your name on signboard, then transfer to your hotel, for pre checking in then continue to visit:

#1 – Angkor Silk Farm: is a Cambodian social business creating job opportunities for young people in rural areas, while reviving traditional Khmer craftsmanship (stone and wood carving, painting on statues and on silk, lacquering, and silver plating).

#2 – Wat Thmey killing Field: is notable for being an area that served as one of the killing fields during the Khmer Rouge regime in the country

#3 – Artisan D’Angkor: is one of the great attractions of Siem Reap for visitors eager to discover the secrets of handmade silk production.

Afternoon: relax for your lunch then continue to visit to buy Angkor Temple pass free visit Sunset.

#4 – Sunset Pre Rup temple: it is the second most place for spectacular sunset view of Angkor Complex.

Evening Activities: Your own leisure, and Overnight in Siem Reap.

DAY 2: (Siem ReapVisit: Phnom Kulen National Park – Waterfall – River of 1000 Lingas and Reclining Buddha

Morning: 7.30AM (before crowd) or your preferable timing, after breakfast your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then escort to visit:

Phnom Kulen National Park:

#1 – River of Thousand Lingas: carved on sandstone river bed with 6 meters wide along the river to the waterfall.

#2 – Reclining Buddha: which carved on the top of a huge rock in 16th century.

#3 – Waterfall: There are two waterfalls a short distance apart the higher one being the further, you can swim in waterfall, it’s beautiful and impressive.

Afternoon: 12.30pm relax for lunch on the mountain and enjoy your time. Then go back to Siem Reap, stop on the way at Sugar palm and Landmine Museum before go back to your.

Evening Activities: Highly recommend you to have dinner with Cambodia traditional Shows at Kulen II restaurant (12$ per person for dinner + shows). Please tell us if you want and then we can help you to book front seat for you. Overnight in Siem Reap.

DAY 3: (Siem ReapVisit Sunrise – Angkor Wat – South gate of Angkor Thom – Bayon and highlight temples along the way – Ta Prohm – Tonle Sap Great Lake.

Note: Please ask your hotel to prepare a breakfast box for you. We will find a suitable place nearby the Angkor Wat temple for you for having breakfast.

Morning: 4.45AM or your preferable timing, your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then escort to visit:

#1 – Sunrise: you will say wow and surprise while you at the temple in the dark time, and feel delighted with sun appear behind the towers of Angkor Wat temple.

#2 – Angkor Wat: the bigger religion construction in the world.

#3 – South Gate of Angkor Thom city: now used as the main entrance to the city of Angkor Thom, and become the most often visited for the tourist.
#4 – Bayon: the multitude of serene and smiling stone faces on the many towers.

#5 – Ta Prohm: the photogenic and atmospheric combination of trees growing on the ruins temple.

Afternoon: 12.30PM – 13.30PM relax for lunch, your guide or diver will recommend a good local restaurant for you, then back to your hotel for a short nap and refreshing.

15.00AM – 18.00PM prick from hotel then transfer to Kampong Phluk
Afterwards we go Cruise to see the Kampong Phluk the village with Houses on Stilt and the daily activities of Fisherman. The houses sit on tall stilts which for the most of the year are fully submerged in water. Some houses can even be as high as 10 – 12 meters. Every year, the Tonle Sap floods the surrounding areas and provides life to the region. On the surface of Tonle Sap Lake, you’ll see the activities of local people on their fishing, schools, clinics, homes, and even small shops. You can watch how the local people are able to live on the water

Evening Activities: Your own leisure, and Overnight in Siem Reap.

DAY 4: (Siem ReapKratieTransfer by private SUV/Minivan, Sightseeing attractions on the way such as Rubber Plantation – Bamboo Bridge – Phnom Hunchey.

Morning: 7.00AM or your preferable timing, after breakfast your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then escort you to Kratie, on the way stop and see:

#1 – Rubber Plantation: Basically rubber is an elastic solid material retrieved from latex of many tropical trees.

#2 – Bamboo Bridge: During dry season (Jan-May), we can visit the bamboo bridge built across the mighty Mekong River connecting mainland to Koh Pen Island.

#3 – Phnom Hanchey: the mountain can be climbed up by 295 beautiful stair steps, and has pagoda and the temple of Kuk made of ancient solid bricks each has seven-square meter size.

We then arrived Krong Kratie. Overnight in Kratie.

DAY 5: (KratieVisit to Phnom Sambok & Sambor – The 100 pillars pagoda – Mekong softsell turtle – Kampi Resort – Irrawaddy Dolphins

Morning: 7.45AM or your preferable timing, after breakfast your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then escort to visit:

#1 – Phnom Sambok & Sambor: is a beautiful panoramic view of the countryside, especially the Mekong River

#2 – The 100 pillars pagoda: It was first built in the 16th century, the pagoda included 100 columns to commemorate the memory of his daughter of the king who was killed by Mekong crocodile.

#3 – Mekong Turtle Conservation Center: The project looks after baby turtle until they become big enough to protect themselves from big fish, snack, etc.

#4 – Kampi Resort: is the great natural resort for tourists both local and foreigner, enjoy swimming with clear water and relax for picnic lunch.

#5 – Boat cruise view for River Makong Dolphins: we jump in to a local boat and cruise out into the mighty Mekong for a chance encounter with these gentle mammals. Viewing is almost guaranteed. After enjoying an hour or more of dolphin viewing, we travel back to Kratie. Overnight in Kratie.

DAY 6: (KratieMondulkiriTransfer by private SUV/Minivan, and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way and visit to Bou Sraa waterfall – Pnong minority village.

Morning: 8.00AM or your preferable timing, after breakfast your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then we leave behind the Kratie and travel southeast towards crossing the small town of Snuol and passing through patches of lush forest and areas of cultivation and plantations and the road snakes up through the mountains. We reached Mondulkiri and check in to a comfortable hotel.

Afternoon after lunch break we visit:

#1 – Bou Sraa waterfall: it is double drop waterfall and possible to access both drops and swimming opportunities.

#2 – Pnong minority village: is the largest indigenous highland ethnic group in Cambodia, learn a little about their way of life.

On our way back to your hotel, we make a short stop to see local coffee growers and other tropical fruit planting in Cambodia including Strawberry and Durian, you can taste the original Cambodian coffee or fresh-fruit shake at it’s own restaurant. Overnight in Mondulkiri.

DAY 7: (Mondulkiri) – Eco-Friendly Elephant Experience at Bunong Community.

Morning: 8.00AM or your preferable timing, after breakfast your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then escort for full day excursion:

We drive about 9km to the Bunong Community Eco-Tourism of Putang which is the elephants village. Then trek adventure to look for elephants in the forests. Once we find them, you will be introduced to the herd of elephants and get to know more about their history, character, behavior, body language and relationship with mahout family. You will be able to feed the elephant buckets of bananas before walking alongside them or riding on the neck through the countryside and forest to O’te waterfall.

At the Afternoon, the elephant must be taken to pastures for at least 2 hours in order to make sure they get enough food for the day. Elephants eat up to 300 kg of vegetation per day in order to sustain themselves. While the elephant is grassing, you will have a picnic Takeout Lunch by the waterfall, then mahout will bring the elephant to the river for a wash. You are welcomed to get in the water and give them a hand. You can ask your mahout to try riding the elephant’s neck on your way back. Closer to the village, there is a big hill so you will challenge yourself. Later we return to Sen Monorom with an option to go up the hill of Sen Monorom for an amazing panoramic view of the Sea Forests.

DAY 8: (MondulkiriStung TrengTransfer by private SUV/Minivan to Stung Treng and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way, stop visit to Kong Banlung and Beung Yeak Loam.

Morning: 8.00AM or your preferable timing, after breakfast your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then we leave Kong Sen Monorom in Mondulkiri and travel the north towards crossing Krong Banlung in Rattanakiri province, stop and visit the tourist attractions.

#1 – Beung Yeak Loam: A lake in the middle of a mountain, it was formed many centuries ago from a volcano. The lake is about 800 meters in diameter and 48 meters deep during the dry season, the water is clear and suitable for swimming.

We then continue to Stung Treng and check in to a comfortable hotel, over in Krong Stung Treng.

DAY 9: (Stung TrengPreah Vihear) Visit to Preah Rom Kel (Sopheakmet Waterfall) – Take Kayak and explore Mekong-O’Svay. Then transfer by private SUV/Minivan to Preah Vihear Province and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way.

Morning: 8.00AM or your preferable timing, after breakfast check out your hotel,  your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then continue to visit:

#1 – Mekong O’Svay: resembles an emerald gem rising up in the heart of a green, tropical forest lying along a mighty river. It serves as a peaceful preserve for wildlife, especially birds, and also serves as a major fish breeding area along the Mekong during the rainy season.

After Kayaking adventure, meet up your driver at Preah Rom Kel (which is the home of Irrawaddy dolphins) then transfer for continue viting to.

#2 – Sopheakmet Waterfall or Lbak Khaon: is magnetize many visitors with beautiful natural scenery and also the stretch of the amazing Mekong and surrounded by thousands of islands and countless waterways.

We then continue to Preah Vihear province and check in to a comfortable hotel, over in Sra Em.

DAY 10: (Preah VihearSiem Reap) Visit to Preah Vihear Temple – Koh Ker Group Then transfer by private SUV/Minivan to Siem Reap Province and enjoy beautiful scenery along the way.

Morning: 8.00AM or your preferable timing, after breakfast check out your hotel,  your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby then continue to visit:

#1 – Preah Vihear Temple: The Preah Vihear Temple locates at the top of the mountain, we need to transfer from our tourist SUV or Minivan to a 4X4 SUV to drive up the mountain. Preah Vihear Temple is an ancient Hindu temple built during the reign of the Khmer Empire on the top of a 525 meters height on the mountain. Even parts of the temple were destroyed during the history, it still looks magnificent and unique among the temples of Angkor. From the top of the mountain, you will also obtain a spectacular bird’s eye view of the land and view  Thailand from afar.

#2 – Koh Ker Group: consists of more than 180 sanctuaries in a protected area of 81 square kilometers, but now only around dozen monuments can be visited by tourists. The most famous temple is the seven tiered and 67 meters pyramid temple of Prasat ThomPrasat Pram with the trees growing on and it roots entwine other on the ruin temple Prasat Linga and Prasat Neang Khmao.

Transfer back to hotel in Siem Reap or Siem Reap Airport finished our services.

The Quotation Of Private Car Service:
1 – 3 pax  4 – 6 pax 7 – 9 pax
950 USD 1080 USD 1150 USD



  • English speaking driver
  • SUV/Minivan with Air-condition
  • Petrol, Car parking and road tool
  • Foods for driver and Guide
  • Hotels for driver and Guide
  • Bottle of cold mineral water
  • Fresh cool lemongrass towels


  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Foods & Drinks
  • All tickets & Entrance fee
  • Personal expend and Tip
  • Personal accident and Travel insurance
  • Others not mention in included


  • Tour Guide is necessary for guiding around Angkor complex, I recommended to hire a guide for your tour in Siem Reap.
  • All our drivers can speak English and easy to understand with informative, but they can not accompany you in to the temples


  • Please dress properly for visiting temples. If you wear shorts and T-shirts,make sure they are long enough to be knee length and shoulder covered. No scarf or shawl and tank top are allowed.
  • We would like to suggest you to wear the light cotton clothes because of hot and humid.Excepted 3 months such as November, December and January is nice weather.
  • In case, please take camera re-charger with you when we have lunch you can recharge it.
  • In Cambodia you needn’t to change your money. US Dollar is acceptable everywhere. And even you withdraw your money from ATM it is in US dollar.


  • We trusted to our clients so no deposit required
  • No torn or old note of US dollar cash or coin can use in Cambodia.
  • For the tour fee you will pay when the tour starts or finish it doesn’t matter.
  • The tour fee is for a group of persons. It is not per person or per individual.


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